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Fitplx is a simple and easy way to stay on top of your fitness while earning rewards, and the best thing about Fitplx, its always Free but only by invite, so sign up for beta and an early invite.   


The aim of fitplx is to help you to get and stay motivated by keeping goals to gain rewards, we will have healthy eating plans and how to eat healthy guides so you will always stay on top of your fitness, using a total reward system that rewards you for your excise, and with the aid of wearable devices such as Nike fuel or fitbit flex.




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We are still in beta testing stage and we will be launching the app on the app store and Google play soon…. so sign up to be the first to enjoy our rewards.


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Connect your wearable activity tech to our app and start earning points which you can use to buy things from our over stock store or partner stores.



work out and get rewarded for your hard work, we have teamed up with some of the UK’s largest retailers with one aim to bring you the best stuff for free.

Yes you heard correct, the only thing we ask is that you workout and get fit

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Let your excise pay off by joining our rewards club and receiving new freebies every month.

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