4 Steps To Keeping Your “Get Fit” New Years Resolution This Year

A New Year A New You

Here's What You Need

A Plan

You need to plan what you are going to do and how you think you will do it.


Focus is one of the most important things when it comes to sticking to your plan.

lifestyle changes

Make changes that will stick with you, simple but effective changes.

Most people set New Years resolutions and give up on them within the first 90 days. If you want to stick to your resolution and keep at it the whole year, then follow the four steps in this article.


1) Make a clear realistic goal

Your goal should be very clear and also realistic. If you are 300lb overweight and your goal is to achieve 10% body fat in the first 30 days then you are facing an impossible challenge and you will fail.

However if you set a simple goal to just lose 1 pound a week then you can achieve it. Make sure to write your clear, realistic goal and put it somewhere that you can always see it. Also don’t be afraid to adjust your goal as you go if it turns out to be unrealistic.


2) Track your success

As you start making better health choices, remember to track your success. Every set of push-ups you do, every run you go on, and every time you chose salad over cake, you should track it.

Whenever you are feeling down or defeated you can look back at your success and remember how far you have come and how well you are doing. Every night before going to bed, write in your success journal anything you have done that day that is towards your goal, no matter how small.



3) Change Your Environment

The easiest way to motivate yourself is to change your environment. Make sure you have the fridge stocked with vegetables, proteins, fruits and other healthy foods. Get rid of processed foods like cereal and sugar filled sweets, cake, biscuits and crisps. Replace white breads, pasta and rice with brown bread, pasta and rice. When you change your environment your only choice will be to eat healthy.

Take this a step further and put your running shoes by your bed so when you wake up in the morning it’s the first thing you see. Leave small weights by your living room couch so you are always reminded to do some exercise and leave a yoga mat rolled up where you can always see it. These constant reminders will motivate you and guide you to stay fit and healthy.



4) Connect Deep Pain And Pleasure With Your Goals

Make a list of all the reasons why losing weight and getting fit would give you pleasure. Then make a list of why not losing weight and getting fit would cause you pain. Keep this list somewhere that you can always be reminded of it, and use it as constant motivation to keep on going.

Humans react to pain and pleasure, so if you attach pleasure to eating cake (delicious, yummy, tasty, comforting) then you will do it. If you attach pain to eating cake (diabetes, overweight, fat, ugly, heart attack) then you will naturally avoid it.

Follow these four basic steps and you will be able to keep your new years resolutions and surprise yourself with how well you do.


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